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The most important questions in your life are linked to your dreams, goals and objectives you have, at least that ‘s the way it should be.

Let’s talk about objectives, how most of the time they take your time, energy or resource, pointless if I may add. We often have objectives which society demands, but it’s not really what one needs, let me give you some examples so you can understand what I’m saying:

  • You have to get married to have a happy family! (Actually, you really don’t! A lot of people have families and are happy without a paper).
  • You should go to college to end up in your dream job etc.

We should all think about what experiences we want to live in our lives. Take a minute and just think about this.

  • Do you want to help people?
  • Do you want to travel?
  • What kind of car you wanna drive?
  • Do you want to have kids?
  • What kind of a parent do you imagine yourself to be?

You really have to dream big here, you have to believe in yourself and allow you to think big!

Your second set of questions should be:

  • What do I want to become?
  • What kind of a person would I like to be?
  • What books should I read?
  • What languages should I speak?
  • Do I have what it takes to be a leader?
  • How’s my integrity?

Another important question would be :

  • What do you want to leave behind you?
  • Do you have something to offer for a better world?
  • How would you like your friends and family to remember you?

You need to have faith in you and like someone said: ” Life supports the ones who support it “.

By the way, all of these questions should help every one of us to achieve our final goals. We should focus on what’s really important in life, as Tony Robbins used to say:” We should reflect together to our happiness and to appreciate small things in life, once in a while we should take a brake and just evaluate our mistakes and what we’ve learned from. This reflection process will help us not forget who we really are, what have we accomplished so far and where do we want to get. You always have to ask the right question in order to find the best answer!

And please don’t forget that some of your questions take time for an answer, you’ll get the best answer along your journey, and even so, it may not be your final answear.

Here is a list of ones of the most important questions in life, which I hope will help you create your own and improved list :

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you grateful for in life?
  3. How would you describe yourself?
  4. Do you love yourself?
  5. Look at your life now. Is this what you’ve been dreaming of?
  6. What keeps you busy today?
  7. If you could choose to do something for free ,your entire life, what would it be?
  8. What do you want to accomplish in 3 years?
  9. How important are goals to you?
  10. Do you love your job?

Try to find your answers and, if you want to, share them with us!

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