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Nobody is perfect and that’s a good line to begin with. Once we all acknowledge this, we open the possibility for improvement. At times out only mistake is that we are asking the impossible from ourselves, we have certain expectances that nobody could ever reach, but we want us to. And this inevitably leads to failure. In the first instance, we have to realize that people are fallible human beings and we are each on our own path, with our own struggles, trying to do our best.

However, if we take a minute to think about it, there are certain steps that could be taken towards a more meaningful existence, or at least a more organized life. Many times, if we have our principles set straight, there’s not so much room for mistakes, or at least regret. What are some basic principles that you can use for guidance?

1. Be confident

Self-confidence, as we know it and we hear all the time, is essential. Why? Because it allows us to see ourselves in a more positive light, a light that in most cases is closer to the truth than we can imagine and because it influences the others. It might sound like a silly myth, but it’s actually true. The way we perceive ourselves has a great influence on the way others see us. Being confident will reflect. You can improve this for instance, by exercising. Not hit the gym regularly each day, but a minimum of 15-20 minutes of physical work per day might improve your vision upon yourself.

2. Be organized

Many people find cleaning up a relaxing activity, whereas others try to postpone it as much as possible. Whichever might be the case with you, keep in mind that a clean environment reflects a clean mind. If you keep your workplace organized and your home in order, it will also help you put your mind in order. You can also keep an agenda of the activities you need to do, keep your work more organized.

3. Optimism

It’s so easy to say “Be optimistic” but how many of us can actually do it? It’s hard to let the past go and not to focus on our failures. It’s hard to stop pondering upon the “what ifs” and what could have been and focus instead on the future. However, no good comes out of constantly looking back except the fact that we can’t look forward.

4. Attitude

In many cases, it’s not what happens to us that truly matters but the way we react to it. Many times each situation can be seen from a couple of perspectives. We can choose the gloomy one, the “why does this happen to us” one or we can merely accept what happened and the fact that it can no longer be changed and focus on “what can be done from now on”.

5. The comfort zone

The lovely zone nobody ever wants to leave. This is our safety place and going out of it is rather scary. However, let’s take a moment to ponder upon the benefits of getting out of our comfort zone. We can explore new possibilities, challenge ourselves and in the end better ourselves. Whereas if we always choose the known path, nothing ever changes.

6. Set goals

It might not seem so relevant to have certain goals set straight, but it’s highly motivating on the long run. Plus, keep in mind that it’s never too late to have dreams. Goals are what keep us alert, they keep us moving forward. If we have nothing scheduled, nothing to fight for, we might stagnate.

7. Take responsibility

Be able to admit if you made a mistake, be able to apologize for those you have wronged. At the same time, don’t be afraid to say “no” instead of the usual “yes” that sounds so polite. Don’t be afraid to motivate your decisions and stand by your choices. It is your life and you are the only one that can live it!

8. Stay up to date

Read something new every day, whether it is from your area of expertise or not, give your brain something new to chew on. This will help you broaden your perspective, learn new things each day, keep up with what is happening and give your brain the exercise it requires.

9. Respect

First of all, start by respecting yourself. As I already mentioned, don’t be afraid to say what you think and say “no” when the case requires. Also, offer the same respect to the others. In many cases, people will try to prove you that they are not worth your time, energy and respect. However, by treating others in a bad way, you don’t only lower yourself in front of them but, most importantly, in front of yourself.

10. Be yourself

This might be the hardest point of them all. We live in times where individuality is a key element and we are all in search of our “true” selves. What this really means is hard to explain and it might require an article in itself. However, mostly, focus on your uniqueness. This is what makes you who you are. Don’t try to fit in, think that whatever stops you form fitting in gives you the spice of your true nature. Explore it instead!

These are just some basic principles that I wanted to state, in order to have a starting point for moving forward. I hope this comes in handy and it offers some sort of guidance towards a more enjoyable life and a more fulfilled experience. I am really eager to see which one you found to be the most relevant and if you have any other ideas that we could think of!

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