How to choose the right career path?

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We have all been under the pressure of pursuing a certain career. Become a doctor, become a lawyer, lately it’s trendy to work in the IT industry and so on. Everyone influences us and pushes us towards one direction or another, our parents, our friends and most of all, society. Within this jungle of influences, how can we decide, for ourselves, which career is the best one to pursue? How do we know what is that makes us tick and what kind of a job we would not hate to sit in on a daily basis?

The first move towards choosing a path or another is getting to know yourself better. Let’s take a look together at some of the main steps towards a wise decision:

  1. What are you good at?

Knowing what your skills are is a huge asset in itself. Take a look at what you have always been good at, naturally. What skills would you prefer or see yourself using on a daily basis?

  1. What do you like doing?

This sounds like a universal question that everybody is asking. Plus the saying “Do what you love and you won’t feel like working a day in your life”. However, things are not that easy as they seem. It’s essential to pursue your passion, for instance I’ve always loved writing. Imagine me in a cubicle writing Java codes all day. I don’t think so. However, it’s not realistic to believe that I will become the next Nobel Prize winner for literature either. But figuring out what you love in the first place leaves open for job possibilities, you can narrow down the market.

  1. What profession attracts you?

It might be something obvious, like in case you enjoy writing and books you would probably go for an editorial job or a copywriter one, like myself. However, there are possibilities that go beyond our initial insights. There are jobs out there that you might not think of but the thing is, if it sounds interesting, there’s something new to learn from each profession.

  1. Learn more

Now that you made a list of professions that might sound interesting to explore, take a deeper look at each one of them. What kind of an educational background is required, what skills you need to have, experience and so on.

  1. Create a list of expectancies

Going a bit away from the job per se, let’s see what you would expect from a job, from a workplace? What kind of colleagues you would enjoy? What kind of an office looks tempting? What kind of a working schedule and so on? Also, keep in mind that learn more here from my article where I tackle the concept of a dream job and whether this is a reality or a myth.

  1. Don’t ignore your personality

I know this is an important topic for me, at least. I am an introvert all the way. Put me to work in an open office where 50 other people continuously talk about stuff and I am lost. I quit. I need quiet and peace, I need to be alone in order to focus and I don’t appreciate small talks. However, you might be an extrovert and a job like mind might easily drive you mad. It’s essential not to ignore this aspect either.

  1. What lifestyle do you wish to have

To give you a quick example of what I am talking about, I had a full time job before that paid extremely well. My free time? Forget about it. I had to be available all the time. I could afford my current apartment and car but I never had the time to watch a full movie. For some what matters more are the material sides that the job can bring, for others it’s the amount of free time and so on. You know best what you value the most.

There are, obviously many other aspects we could add to the list but these are some of the basic ones that can offer guidance when it comes to choosing a path or another. If you have any other ideas or something that worked for you in the past, feel free to share it with us and our readers!

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