The concept of a dream job. Myth or reality?

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We constantly hear people who are chasing their dream jobs. People that have a vision upon what a dream job should look like, be like. Maybe even we had a dream once as such. When I was younger I wanted to be a full time journalist. Looking backwards, that’s probably a job that I would currently hate. Hence my question arises, what is a dream job? Does the concept of a dream job actually exist or is it just a myth?

First of all, I want to tackle a couple of basic ideas that people believe lie at the core of a perfect job.

1. Money

Very often people believe that earning a great deal of money is what makes for a perfect job. However, it has been proven over and over again that this is just a myth. In many cases what happens is that if we stay in a job that we hate just for the paychecks, the money will no longer be a motivating factor. And in many cases, if we do earn enough money to live a decent life, the rest is not so relevant. Just think about it, if you were to put in balance your family and some expensive car or any other material object that money can buy, what values more?

2. Stress

Another highly believed aspect is that people run away from stress. To a certain extent this might be true. Nobody would ever want to work a full time job plus extra hours for a poorly paid job where his assets are not valued. However, think about it this way: would you prefer a job with low-stress level where all you do during a day is search YouTube videos to keep yourself occupied? I doubt it. Therefore, the perfect line, the balance is somewhere in between a really stressful and a really dull job.

These being said, what are then the aspects that people actually search for in a long term job?

1. Find work that makes you tick

What do I mean when I say this? People tend to stay in jobs that engage them that keeps them challenged to some level. As I mentioned above, neither a very stressful job nor a dull one would make someone happy. However, the job that we do has to be some sort of a brain exercise, we have to feel that we are doing something and we are using the knowledge that we gathered throughout the years

2. It’s not just about you

It has been proven that he work we do in order to help others is much more rewarding than just some job we do to make ourselves feel better. I don’t necessarily mean here that you should now switch your career and become a doctor, but you have to have some sort of a sense that your job is benefic for others and you don’t do it in vain.

3. Do what you are good at

Might sound like a cliché at first, but it’s true. For instance, at times I would have liked being a doctor, or the idea of being a doctor. However, my memory is quite poor so I could not have finished Medical School ever and my attention is quite limited. Hence, being a doctor might not have been a very bright idea. However, it has been proven that pursuing a job that you’re good at will eventually lead to a level of satisfaction. And why not, trying to make a living from using your main assets might actually awaken in you a certain passion.

4. Great colleagues

We probably already know how important this is. Most people when asked what they expect from a great job they either answer a nice and calm work environment or funny and easy going colleagues. Nobody wants to spend 9 hours per day surrounded by people who can’t crack a joke and who are not here to help you when you might need it.

5. What really makes for a bad job?

There are certain aspects that we might overlook at times. How far is your job from your home? If it takes more than one hour to commute, think again. How long are your working hours? Does your job allow you to have a hobby or to see your family whenever you want to? If the answer is no, keep looking.

All in all, the things that do for a perfect job might look a bit different than you could have imagined at first. And many times a job that doesn’t pay so well but gives you enough time to live your life, connect with your dear ones and challenges you professionally is a much better choice than a stiff corporate job that pays the bills and keeps you busy all day.

We are curious to see how you feel about these aspects and if there is anything you might want to add. We are looking forward to your feedback and comments!

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