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First of all, let’s figure out what a personal vision statement is. All in all, it should be a statement that brings together everything you would like to do, to be or to have in your career. If you come to think of it, what stops us usually from following our dreams? The fact that we no longer allow ourselves to dream!

What usually stops us from having a clear vision upon our future or our better selves?

  1. Circumstances and conditions

Many times we take a look at the economic circumstances that surround us and we think to ourselves that this is the best we could ever do. We are used to making decisions based on external factors, on external possibilities that were not set by us. Hence, we get to a point where we can no longer imagine dreaming outside of that zone that is outlined by these circumstances.

  1. Imagination needs practice

We think to ourselves many times that there’s nothing wrong with our imagination. But if I asked you now what your perfect life would look like? Could you answer? No boundaries, no conditions. Just freely think of how you would picture your perfect life if money were not a problem and if you had everything it takes in order to build it? I could not answer, surely. Because imagination takes practice, just like any other muscle.

  1. Let go of fear

Many times we are afraid of failure. Which is normal to a certain extent. Nobody likes to fail and we try to avoid this possibility as much as we can. And this being the case, we don’t allow ourselves to dream because we are too afraid to try something new anyways.

These being said, what should a vision statement encapsulate?

what should a vision statement encapsulateIt should basically make you think of where you want to see yourself in the future, of how you imagine your life and yourself after a couple of years. Also, it should be able to answer certain questions, such as “Where do I want to be?” or “What are my general plans and goals?

You also have to have a pretty clear idea about what your values are, your principles, what you actually enjoy doing, what you like to do besides work and so on. In order to write an accurate vision statement you need to take a look on the inside, at what lies within yourself and you need to get to know yourself better.

What should a vision statement do?

It has the purpose of inspiring you when life gets hard, for instance. It should be an easy statement that is valid whenever you read it. Therefore you will need to update it every six months at least, or every third month, because goals might change and your vision might differ from time to time.

It also has the purpose of inspiring you to become a better version of yourself and to aspire to a better life, a more purposeful existence that encapsulates exactly what you want. It should be inspiration, easy to remember, straightforward and show your intentions for the future.

What areas should you focus on?

As I already mentioned, you should take a good look at what interests you, what you like to do since we will always perform better in the areas that we enjoy. What part of your life require your main focus? What are your best assets? Basically, what is it that you are good at?

These being said, I hope it will be a little easier for you to create a vision statement that will guide you towards your dreams. And keep in mind, we are never too old for dreaming and setting goals that might seem a little unrealistic at times. Goals are what keep us going, what motivate us. Also, we need to know ourselves quite well in order to asses your best skills and interests.

Let us know how it went and if setting a personal vision statement helped you achieve your goals!

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