What are the 5 best veggies that you can grow in your own home?

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How this whole plant story started? I was always horrible when it came to keeping plants alive in my apartment. And I always had the right light, the right heat, I just never had the patience to actually look after my plants. Then one of my friends suggested that maybe the beauty of the plants I tried to grow is not motivational enough to make me pay more attention. I gave this idea a thought and I considered making a change in my “inside garden”. It’s still a work in progress but let me tell you this: growing something that you might actually use in the cooking process… priceless!

So let’s share some tips and tricks about what, how and when to grow in your homey garden!


1. Avocado

My first attempt was to grow an avocado because, well because I thought it would be easy and I accidentally had an avocado at home that I could use as a future seed. Little did I know that using the seed to grow an avocado tree is all amazing in theory but the end result might not yield edible fruits? In order to actually get (ever) edible fruit from an avocado tree, you’d have to purchase a baby tree, one that’s already a decent size. Add water regularly but don’t drain your plant.

2. Potatoes

Because no matter how hard I might try, I can never eradicate potatoes from my diet. I could accept potatoes anytime, anywhere. So I thought, why not give it a shot cultivating it in my own home. Thing is, panting them is rather easy because all you need is an old potato that you cut into a few chunks and place them on at least four inches of soil. At the top of them add the same amount of soil and voila! However, don’t forget to add soil every once in a while since the plant grows taller and taller.

3. Radishes

I’m not that big of a fan but my folks are, so I thought, why not give it a go, since it’s one of the easiest veggies you can harvest at your home. All you have to have is 8 inches of soil and a seed that you need to plant at least one inch under the soil. And now you have to wait. The plant will signal to you when it’s ready or they might turn bitter. Add water every day.

4. Carrots

I could add carrots to almost any meal that I ever cook. Carrots are amazing due to the great variety of vitamins they contain, including vitamin B6, A, C and K. the secret about growing carrots is, simply out, water. You need to water the soil before planting the seeds, water it after planting them, and pay attention to placing the pot in an area where it receives plenty of light. Take care that the soil is moist but don’t drown your plant.

5. Mint

Still in the top 3 personal favorites’ list, mint is a great and practical answer. Plus, mint tea is known to aid stomach and digestion issues. You also don’t have much work with them. You just need soil and seeds and that’s it. When you remove the leaves just make sure that some remain and you don’t just take all of them off. Oh, don’t forget the water!

There are several other plants that could be grown and harvested in a home environment, all you need is a decent container, soil, water and patience. But take my word, the moment you can take a leaf from a plant that you put effort into growing, the reward is so much bigger!

In case you have any practical advice about growing plants at home or any ideas of veggies or fruits that worked wonders, share them with us!

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