What does it mean to be free? Are you free?

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Being free means first of all to be responsible for yourself. Basically, you are responsible for your life: you can lose it, or you can create it as you wish. Another definition of freedom would be that people are free and can act according to their wishes and desires, or, in other words, freedom is also considered the absence of constraints.

Of course this is just a theoretical definition. The freedom you have as a person can represent the subjection of another person`s freedom, which would not be right. In democracy   human`s rights are being respected. So, this might be also considered as a part of being free. But sometimes, people do not know how to manage their freedom and might sometimes abuse of these rights that they have. Everyone’s freedom must be according to the laws of the specific state they are living! So, a much more simple definition is that freedom is a right that we are born with, we need to know that laws must be respected  and our conscience should guide us to do things in such a manner that laws would be respected.

We all say, and we believe we are free, yet how many of us know what is really to be free and how many of us are living in accordance with these principles? There are many free people who live for a moment in the prison of their minds, no matter where they go and no matter what they do, they are the prisoners of their own mind, of their limited and bad ideas that are leading their lives.

Basically, as we mentioned above, they do not know how to manage their freedom. Many people are part of this equation, so stay calm, there are many that walked through this road again and again.

So, getting back to the point of  the prison of your mind that indicates  you step by step how everything should be, how others need to be to be accepted by you,  what does normality  mean, what does success mean, what does love mean etc.  We need to ask how free you feel that you are in this life? Where do you go to accept and validate others?

Have you ever reached the point of being judged and blamed by people who pretend to love and care about you,  just because you are not like you used to be? Have you ever chosen to be different and go on with your goals alone? If so, perhaps you already know that from this point on your freedom begins, yes,  the freedom of think with your own mind, the freedom to feel with your heart, the freedom to make your own decisions and the freedom to take the consequences of the decisions you have taken, but everything has a price in this life, even freedom has.

So, how often do you dare doing things differently than others do? How do you feel under the disapproval of others? How faithful are you when the minds of the others project their own shadows on you? Freedom is also analyzing and questioning yourself all the time in all matters,  and not only  believing everything that comes to your mind by default,  try to question and doubt regarding  everything you or others might do or say : “Is it really so?” , “Is this how it really has to be?”;  Try to meditate and the answer will come very quickly. Our mind knows how to guide us in this,  so, the answers to all our questions and worries will soon appear, we just wake up one day and understand what we have to do.

Try to notice today, all your  thoughts, words, facts, decisions, behavior and analyze yourself very well. What do you think? Do you realize how free you are in your life? With a lot of courage and love in your heart and self esteem, you will definitely have the power to accept and to correct you with gentleness and love, this is how you are free, doing whatever you wish with your own life, and thoughts.

The worst part of this is what many people are unaware of the fact that they are the prisoners of their own thoughts.  There is something inside every person that whispers what is good and what not good at a certain point. The power of controlling one`s mind and thought is something acquired In time and with a lot of experience.

The drama is that they live their lives and never discover that “Judge” and the “Victim” that lead their minds, and therefore they have no chance of being free. The first step towards your own freedom is lucidity. In order to solve a problem, it is necessary to become aware of it first.

Awareness is always the first step because if you are not aware, then you can not turn anything. If you are not aware that your mind is full of wounds and poisoned emotions, you can not begin to clean and heal wounds and you will continue to suffer.

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