An outdoor EDC kit is designed to help keep you alive until help arrives. Its focus is survival, and it should include items such as an emergency blanket and a whistle. One of the best ways to get help is to blow three sharp whistle blasts. This is a universal signal that will summon help.


While EDC gear reviews are usually focused on the quality and utility of a single tool, Tanden Bowden from Gear Patrol decided to take an in-depth look at another new product: James Brand’s Multi Tool. This compact multitool has several features designed for everyday carry needs including wire cutters which come into their own when you need them most!

It has a total of 18 tools, making it a category-defining best-seller. It has the right balance of tools and is compact enough to fit in a briefcase, purse, bug-out bag, or get-home bag. The Wave+ can handle just about anything you could possibly need and is surprisingly lightweight.

A multitool is a must-have EDC accessory. It provides a simple solution for everyday problems. These tools are versatile, with functions that range from measuring things to prying open things to cutting surfaces. Multitools aren’t the best tools for complicated tasks, but they can handle common small jobs like cutting, prying, and scoring.

Fixed-blade knife

Benchmade’s Griptilian is a fantastic choice for an EDC knife. It weighs less than three ounces and features a 154CM stainless steel blade. The handle is made of textured G-10 to ensure comfort and control. While this knife isn’t for the average Joe, it is rugged enough to be useful in a pinch.

This type of knife has a fixed blade, which means it won’t fold. It also comes in a variety of different build and handle construction styles. The blade is either single or double-edged, and the spine is usually down the middle of the blade. The fixed blade is not only tough, but also looks good.

Some people prefer the shorter length of a fixed-blade knife. But many states have laws regarding the length of a knife’s blade. If you violate these laws, you may be subject to concealed weapons charges.

Folding knife

When it comes to folding knives for your EDC gear, you can’t go wrong with a quality product. If you’re unsure of which one to choose, look for a knife with marine-grade hardware. Then, consider the handle materials. G10 or steel are both great choices, and some folding knives feature multicolored handles.

Folding knives are compact, yet they pack a punch. They also reflect your personal style. For example, the Chris Reeve Carbon Fiber Small Sebenza 21 Insingo is one of the most popular choices for everyday carry. These knives are lightweight, yet maintain a razor-sharp edge, which is essential for EDC gear.

For under $100, Kershaw makes some excellent options. Its Kryo II in Blackwash is one of the best options. It has an 8Cr13MoV blade with better sharpness than you’d expect from a basic folding knife. It also features a contoured steel handle and a SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism. All of these features make this a great deal for a pocket knife.

Waterproof wallet

The EDC Gear waterproof wallet is made of quality water-resistant materials. It has YKK water repellent zippers. The dimensions of the wallet are 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 0.9 inches and the wallet weighs only 109 grams when it is empty. In addition, it features a lifetime warranty.

If you are planning to go hiking, skiing, or trekking, you will want to choose a wallet with a waterproof feature. Fortunately, these wallets come in a wide variety of styles. Choosing the right style will depend on how you plan to use it and what items you want to keep inside. For instance, if you are planning on storing your keys and cards inside your wallet, a bifold style will work best. On the other hand, if you plan to do more strenuous activities and do not want your wallet to stay inside your pocket, a neck-style waterproof wallet is a better choice.

Waterproof wallets come with a wrist strap or neck strap for secure storage. They can also be secured using a built-in clip. For added security, they are also available with RFID blocking material. This helps prevent sensitive information from being stolen. In addition to being waterproof, many waterproof wallets also feature a zipper that prevents water from penetrating through its fabric.

Field-ready flashlight

An EDC flashlight should be easy to deploy and quick to switch modes. It should have a removable clip and reversible tailcap switch. It should also be resistant to dust and water ingress. You should also check if it comes with an IP68 rating. This rating is important because it indicates the level of protection the flashlight provides.

If you are trying to keep your EDC gear to a minimum, then a keychain-sized flashlight will be the perfect solution for you. These lightweight lights are only 1.3 inches long and weigh just 0.6 ounces. They also come with a strobe mode and turbo mode. Powtegic’s Powerful Tactical LED Flashlight is a great option. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and has a waterproof rating of IP68. Click for more information.


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