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coaching transforms lives


People often ask me, “Christine, how did you become a life coach?”

It’s a good question. I’ve told the story of “how I discovered coaching” many times—on my website, through my blog, and casually over coffee.

Today, I’d like to do that.

Why share this?

Since my story is a story that will (ideally) advise you that you can change the course of your life whenever—yes, regardless of the possibility that you have children at home, yes, regardless of the possibility that you have bunches of obligations, yes, regardless of the possibility that your life has been extreme, yes, regardless of the possibility that you don’t have much support from family and friends, yes, regardless of the possibility that you aren’t able to control your life anymore. Your inward quality is more prominent than any of your “conditions.” Your internal fire can consume through…anything that is keeping you down.

I didn’t always believe this, but I do know. I am living proof that it’s true.

So here is the story of how I turned into an expert mentor.

Is not a happy one at the beginning but after all is my story and I am proud of it…

Growing up in a poor parent home, I was taught early on about hard work. I watched my parents work multiple jobs to provide for myself and my brothers and at a young age we learned how to work hard. The struggle to pay the rent, moving from winter to summer rentals, visiting hospitals to often prepared me for today. My parents also taught us to always put others first and treat others with compassion and to value our health as it’s our most valuable asset. The lesson that was instilled in us the most was to trust in God. Those lessons have served me well my entire life and are the foundation that has helped me WIN in life, but there is more…

Our parents always tell us that we could be anything we want and do anything that we want in life.

So, I believed growing up that I would be an accountant or a professional athlete in the Handball Team. After high school, I had opportunities to participate in athletics at the collegiate level. You ask, “how did a kid to end up in this?” Never say Never, that’s how! In 2001, I found myself out at University to pursue a handball career.

“Dreams can come true!”

This is the point at which I really begun to find the energy of decision. As of now I settled on a decision that would completely shake “My Story” You know, the story I made for myself and my life. We have one. You know, the story you make for yourself at an extremely youthful age.

There are a lot of questions : How your life will look like .Everything you will do, who you will become… I would have been that expert h-ball player …The one that would profit so that her parents could never need to work one more day in their life and to have the capacity to help other people.

When I was a younger, I required somebody to hear me out without judgment, and to offer insight and exhortation when my decisions weren’t enabling me to achieve my maximum capacity. This quote has been a directing power in my life since 2005.

I required an out. Growing up as a competitor and continually getting a charge out of the preparation and readiness some portion of it, you know…I was dependably around the rec center …But sometimes, situation change and we change together with it. And my situation had a name: My ex-boyfriend …Because I was working really hard and doesn’t have to much time to get involved into a serious relation, he put me to choose: him or h-ball …I have to say it : I was deeply in love with him and I was blind .. and as a teen girl at the first love, of course I did the wrong choice and destroy my dreams …and life meanwhile …

But it didn’t work as planned. Because it never works, isn’t it?

I was only 22 years of age, and against my better judgment I said “yes” to turning into a cheerleading mentor to twelve adolescent young ladies.
Saying yes to this employment changed the course of my life. I immediately understood that I discovered more esteem and importance in this limited maintenance work than any time in recent memory had in some other part of my life.
My normal everyday employment as promoting associate for a neighborhood union rapidly took a rearward sitting arrangement to my genuine occupation as a tutor to an astonishing gathering of young peoples.
Following three years of guiding cheer, I knew I would spend whatever remains of my years working with peoples.

Being a mentor for teenagers it was fantastic. I have an impact in helping them understand their maximum capacity, and consequently, they change the world.

In 2010, I turned into a guaranteed life mentor. I came into my own mentor.

Life training has been the considerable professional “relationship” of my life.

I adore instructing. I cherish peopling get prepared to end up mentors. I cherish working with mentors who are enormous hearted and minding however battling fiscally, showing them how to discover customers and really maintain a reasonable
training business. I adore this work, the general population who do it, and the general population who are affected by it.

How about…you?

Have you found a vocation, a profession, or a way to deal with maintaining your life that you completely adore? Or, on the other hand would you say you are yet looking? In case you’re looking, and feeling like you could utilize some direction, I’d love to help.

Or, then again perhaps, like me, you’ve fallen head over heels in adoration with training. Life guiding, health instructing, relationship drilling, authority honing…honing has tunneled into your heart and you know it’s you’re calling. But you’re attempting to get clear on your message, your life heading. You cherish being a mentor (that is without a doubt) however you have…bunches of inquiries. On the off chance that is you…this is for you.

So…phew. There ya go. That is the narrative of how I turned into a mentor—at any rate. Much thanks to you for perusing. I gotta go since I have a telephone call with a coaching client later this evening (yay!).

I will leave you with this wonderful Martha Beck quote, since it feels “full circle” and exceptionally proper to quit for the day a couple words from one of my most prominent educators:

“Your North Star is not a place but a state of being. It is the state in which you are fully—and only—yourself. You may cover a million miles on the way, but ultimately you will come to see that all along, your own North Star has been, simply, you. You are the best destination you could possibly imagine or experience. Welcome home.”

I want to finish by asking you a question, “What is Success to you? What is WINNING in your life?

For me it’s about life balance. It’s about WINNING in my Health, WINNING in my Wealth, and WINNING in Life (spiritually, emotionally, relationships, family, work, etc.) That is True Prosperity! That is WINNING!

It’s about FREEDOM. It’s about prospering so that I can help others prosper and WIN.

That’s my story. Was it what I planned at an early age? No!

Do I still wake up and think about being an accountant? Sometimes.

Do I still dream about playing handball? Absolutely.

Will either of those ever happen. No.

I have chosen to create a NEW story for my life and use my past failures to create future successes.

I have chosen to WIN.

You can do the same my friend and I would love to help you!

It’s your story…

You create it! You own it!

You can WIN anytime you choose to and I’m here to help you do just that.

Discover what it is you want. Why you want it and create your story.

Thanks for investing your time to hear my story!

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