Every country has its own civilization and culture. Culture and civilizations are usually based on some history or some kind of action done by ancestors. In this article, you will learn about what is nobori flag and how it was discovered.

You will also learn about for what purpose it is used and displayed on roads. As far as it is the question about what is Nobori flag so, you must know that the Nobori flag is a banner that is usually displayed on roads and at events in Japan. The Nobori flag was used by the Japanese army in their battles. It is displayed by the army at the time of the battle walk.

Nowadays, Nobori flags are used for advertisement purposes in different festivals, outside the shops, or even on roads. You will be surprised by reading this article about how the Japanese used to display their business product on the Nobori flag.

Different types of Nobori flag

Talking about Japan’s Nobori flag, you will come to know that there are different types and sizes of the Japanese flag. The banners which display symbols, signs, and different logos are sometimes shortly rectangle in shape, sometimes the long side vertical flags.

Nobori flags can be customized in any size according to need. Nobori flags which are small in size also worn on the protective shell. If you want to buy a customized long Nobori flag, its size maybe 12 feet or more.

How are Nobori flags made?

Knowing about the construction of the Nobori flag, you will feel happy to know that Nobori flags are made of polyester, providing the best quality flag to the clients. As you know, polyester is very soft and smooth in touch, so these flags present a strong material to be used anywhere.

The more porous the flag, more strengthen your flag will be. Many companies are producing high-quality nobori flag which can survive even in UV rays and intense environments. You should be careful about your Nobori flag because there might be wrinkles present on it while placed on folding.

If you are worried about how to remove this creasing, you can simply iron it on low heat. Spots of food and oils can also be removed by simple detergents and soap.

Purpose of using a Nobori flag

As they are long in size and have different shapes, they can be used anywhere for your business purposes and for advertisement. There are some following purposes for using a Nobori flag.

  • Nobori flags that are long and rectangular in shape can be used for advertisement purposes for some products which have been newly launched.
  • You can also use your Nobori flag in some kind of race, like running, cycle races, and many other competitions.
  • You can also hang a nobori flag outside your store because you can display the name of your store and the products you have in your shop on it.
  • If you go to Japan, you will see different types of Nobori flags hanging sideways on the road displayed by many companies for advertising their products.

Bottom line

This article is a complete description of what is Nobori flag. And how is it used for different purposes for the sake of advertisement? You can also buy your customized Nobori flag from any online website.


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