Attack on Titan’s prequel, “Assault on Titan: Levi,” follows the young crime fighter during his criminal years in the underground city of the titular city. Along with his friends, Isabel Magnolia and Farlan Church, Levi is recruited by Erwin Smith for the Survey Corps. As a trained soldier, Levi has a knack for slaying Titans, and he uses this trait to his advantage in the series.

Despite his cold demeanor, levi attack on titan does have moments of care and concern. He always thinks about his fellow soldiers, including Eren, and tries to protect her. These moments of compassion may surprise Attack on Titan fans. In the following pages, we will look at the most memorable and touching scenes from the first season of Attack on Titan. Let’s dive in. Now, let’s start! The first episode of the second season begins!

Attack on Titan: Levi is the second character to die in the anime. In the manga, the Female Titan kills Eren after he cuts through her facial muscles. In the anime, the Female Titan releases Eren, but Levi grabs her, knocking her unconscious. This scene ends with a tearful Levi looking at the wounded, bleeding Female. The final chapter of the manga is scheduled to air on January 9, 2022, and we’ll be here to watch it!

The first episode of Attack on Titan features an introduction of the female character, Mikasa. It’s also important to note that the anime series is based on a Japanese manga series. Hajime Isayama wrote the manga and Kodansha publishes Bessatsu Shonen magazine. As a result, the show is a huge success in Japan. The anime series also features a variety of interesting characters, which are introduced in each episode.

The Attack on Titan series has been updated almost every other year, but Levi’s popularity is not limited to the anime series. Currently, the anime series is on its fourth season. The manga, however, has been updated every other two years. The ending of this season is the most awaited episode of the series. In the anime, Levi has a great deal of power and is the main character of the anime. The female titan, Eren, and Zeke are the other three main characters of the series.

Although most Attack on Titan characters are portrayed with a cold demeanor, Levi has moments of warmth. As an armored thief, Levi tries to protect Eren and his team members. In this episode, he is especially protective of Eren. Aside from being a loyal friend, the female Titan is also a great threat. During the second season, however, Levi fights the Female Titan in a different way.


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