There may be a situation in your life when you end up buying a long-hair wig but want a bob-style wig. This is because there is now a trend of short bob wigs and they are becoming popular among all wearers because of their easy-to-use features and versatility.

Hence there is a great benefit for you to convert your old and long hair wig into a bob style. But it requires some effort, and skills and most importantly you must be aware of all the steps in detail. We are here with the complete guideline about transforming a clear lace wig into a bob style. So, let us have a look at them:

Transform Wig into Bob Style

Given steps must be followed to convert an old long-hair wig into a stylish and trending bob-style wig:

Step 1: Collect Supplies

First of all, you must know the supplies that you will require to transform the wig into a short bob style. You have to get supplies that include a comb, scissors, gel, flat iron, and hair clips. If you don’t have a flat iron then you can also look forward to the blow dryer.

Step 2: Prep Your Wig

Now you have to wash your old wig gently using a conditioner or shampoo. Then take a wig stand and place the wig on it. Gently, comb the wig using a wide tooth comb and detangle the wig. Cutting will be much easier if the wig is detangled.

Step 3: Cutting Of Hair

Now, the main process starts, firstly you have to decide the length of hair you want. Always cut the hair longer than you want so that the extra hair can be cut to create an even look. Separate the hair on two sides and then use a clip to secure the top side.

Take the bottom side and start cutting the hair. Now, once it’s done get the top side hair slowly and cut them evenly according to the bottom side. You can also use a comb to even the bumps if any. Make sure that all the cutting is done slowly without making any mistakes.

Step 4: Trimming

Now we are going to discuss the optional steps but if done bring more perfection to the cutting. Trimming the hair can not only bring clearness but gives the bob style a more stylish look. For this, comb the small section of hair and then make small cuts at the last of that section using scissors.

Step 5: Styling

Last but not least, it’s time to style the hd lace wigs after completing the cutting and trimming. You can take a gel and put it in the hair section using your finger. If you want extra volume, you can use a blow dryer also.


Hope that the above article proves to be enough for you to know the steps to transform an old wig into a short bob style. You can easily create something stylish and trending just by following the special techniques we discussed above.


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