T-shirts are not the usual feminine go-to when you are shipping for new clothes, or are they? Women generally waltz to the dress sections of boutiques because they believe that a boxy t shirt is a man’s clothing and must be avoided at all costs if you want to look sexy as a woman. But this is not necessarily true.

We have come to debunk that theory. Mainly because it is false and comes from wrong information. If more ladies knew how to style their boxy t-shirts in ways that not only screams “sexy woman,” but also makes them feel chic, then more ladies would be convinced that t-shirts do not have to be the opposite of womanly fittings.

To help out girls who think they have to completely evade boxy t-shirts to feel feminine, here are stylish ways to wear your boxy t-shirt that are still feminine:

Tuck In

Hold on. Before you go “whoa, I can never do that,” there are some ways to tuck in your boxy t-shirt and still be pretty. Try tucking in some sides and leaving the rest to fall. Yes, you have seen many fashionable celebrities rock this style. If you are not comfortable putting all ends of your T-shirt into your pants, then you may tuck only the back, or the front—just above the belt buckle—of your boxy t-shirt into your pants.

Tie Shirt Knots

Shirt knots are now very popular ways of styling your t-shirt of any color or size. You can tie a knot just under your bra, raising your shirt to resemble a crop top. Tie a knot at the end of your boxy t-shirt, at any side—left or right. At mid-belly—just above the belly button, you can knot your blouse, and even at the back too.

Strap on a Waist Belt

Now, ladies, you know what waist belts are. There are metal ones used mostly for gowns, chain ones, and leather or elastic tummy belts. Wearing this over your boxy t-shirt will reveal that curvy feminine figure of yours. Accessories are very feminine, a lovely way to accentuate your natural body shape. It also makes a plain boxy t-shirt look more attractive and elegant.

Wear a Blazer over it

If you are looking for a comfortable, easy way to style your boxy t-shirt for a corporate or semi-corporate occasion then wearing a blazer over it is your best option. Blazers can be worn over tucked-in tees or tees allowed to fall out. Pair this with good pants or fitting jeans and heels and you are ready for that meeting.

Folded Up

Just like tying shirt knots, folding is another trendy way to style your boxy t-shirt into a cute crop top. If you are not big on shirt creases or how tying tends to stretch your clothes’ fabric, then folding is the alternative way to look neater and prettier. Your folded tees can be tucked under your bra or patted down flat, above your belt.


Boxy tees are very comfortable and readily available clothes that are not easily dismissible in men’s or women’s wardrobes. Not all feminine clothes have to be difficult to wear or uncomfortable. Women too need simple things that are flexible for casual and corporate outings and this is what boxy t-shirts provide.


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