The Montessori classroom layout is a classroom design that meets the students’ needs at different stages of their education. The classrooms usually consist of designated learning areas such as the sensory area, language area, science and culture area, daily area, and math area. They are also usually much more spacious than traditional schools, use natural lighting, incorporate soft colors, and have toys and other learning materials stored in places that are easily accessible to students. The classroom design aims to make the classroom calmer and more comfortable, make it easier for the students to learn, make management of the space and the children easier, cultivate independence in children, and ensure less distractions. In the rest of this article, I will explore the advantages of the Montessori classroom design in detail.

Advantages of the Montessori Classroom Layout

Below are the main advantages of the Montessori Classroom Layout.

They offer Students a Calm and Comfort Environment

One of the biggest existing problems with public schools is the chaotic environment which makes it very difficult for learning to take place. Montessori classrooms incorporate natural lighting and soft wall colors, making them a calm environment. It is easier for learning to take place in such calm environments. Also, children can be anxious when they first report to school because of the new environment. Montessori schools have items that most students can easily associate with home.

Learning Motivation

The Montessori classroom is divided into sections such as language area, sensory area, daily area, math area, and science and culture area. These areas promote observation skills and help students learn how to distinguish and pair things. They also cater to the behaviors and emotions of students. The students are taught to deal with their own emotions. Finally, the large space and designated areas with accessible materials also helps students to explore and discover their personal interests earlier in life.

Less Distractions

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University conducted research and concluded that students are more likely to spend their time off the task in a classroom with more visual stimulation such as excessive wall décor. The Montessori classroom layout calls for minimum décor in the classroom, therefore enabling students to concentrate more on learning activities.

Accessible Materials

Having easily accessible materials is one of the factors that teaches students independence in a Montessori classroom setup. Children are given a chance to learn independence because every learning material and toy they need is placed in a place that is easily accessible for them. They can pick a toy when they need it, use it, and return it when they are done.

Easier Monitoring and Management

Traditional classrooms tend to be disorganized most of the time, making it very difficult for teachers to monitor and manage the students and the classroom space. However, with the organization of the Montessori classroom layout, teachers are able to quickly scan the classroom and identify any problems that need to be addressed.

Where to Get a Montessori Classroom Layout Design

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