The orange lace front wig has been trending recently, mainly because of its bright color. The orange wig also consists of lace that provides your wig has a real hair appearance. Despite the lace’s benefits, some people usually complain that it is too stiff. Furthermore, the more one wears the wig, the more the lace may change in texture. Therefore, if you are a wig lover, it is essential to learn how to soften the lace. Below are a few pointers on accomplishing lace softening.

Use baking soda on the orange lace front wig

Baking soda offers an excellent home remedy to soften your lace. You only need to soak the lace wig in the baking soda for about two to three weeks. After that, your lace will not only be soft, but the hair will also be shiny and bouncy. Furthermore, the routine is relatively beneficial as it will increase the longevity of your wig to more than a year. Additionally, baking soda can help remove any buildup from the wig due to the accumulation of hair products. Here are a few steps to using baking soda to soften the lace.

  1. Put warm water into a container

Get a clean bucket or container, then put in warm water. Ensure that the water is enough to handle the orange lace front wig. It is highly likely to overflow if you fill water to the brim. Thus, ensure to measure it correctly. Also, ensure that the container you pick is sufficient for wig soaking.

2. Pour in the baking soda

Measure about ¾ or ½ a cup of baking soda. Then pour it into the container. Once your baking soda is in the container, stir it with the water. This step aims to ensure that the baking soda dissolves completely.

3. Comb the orange lace front wig

The best tool for brushing or combing a lace front wig is a broad toothbrush. Therefore, before putting the wig into the mixture, ensure to comb it first. The purpose of combing is to ensure that you clear any tangles or knots present. Once you are done combing, fully immerse the wig into the mixture.

4. Soak the orange lace front wig

After you have kept the orange wig in the container, cover it. The purpose of covering the container is to prevent pets or children from getting into it. Also, give the wig at least 4 to 5 hours of soaking time. You can also consider soaking it overnight.

5. Remove the wig from the container after soaking time is over

Once your set soaking time is complete, remove the wig from the container. Also, ensure you rinse it as much as possible with warm water to remove any residue.

6. Wash the wig

After all, the residue is completely eradicated; use a clarifying shampoo to wash it. Once you are 100% sure it is clean, rinse again and apply the conditioner. The critical point is that you should only use a small amount of shampoo. Also, once clean, let it air dry.


The main aim of making the lace on the orange lace front wig soft is to prevent the scratching feeling. A too stiff lace may be uncomfortable. Therefore, one of the most convenient and inexpensive methods of softening your lace is soaking it in baking soda and warm water.


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