You might wonder how you can squeeze in pumping when you have a million other things on your plate. Welcoming a new family member is a great experience, but it also means more tasks to complete. If you are a new parent, you will give anything for just a few extra minutes of sleep.

The solution to your time issue may lie in the convenience of hands-free pumping. If this will be your first time using a portable breast pump, below is a simple guide on how to use it.

How to Pump Without Using Your Hands

If you’ve never utilized a breast pump in the past, the technique of pumping without using your hands should feel very familiar to you.

Step #1 Do a Hand Washing Thoroughly

We all know that our hands are exposed to all kinds of bacteria, so it is a must to clean your hands thoroughly before you start pumping the milk.

Step #2 Assemble Your Hands Free Pump

The second step is to put together your pump by following the directions provided by the manufacturer. The box includes a manual to help you assemble the breast pump.

Step #3 Use a Breast Pump Bra

The third step is to use a bra that is designed to retain the breast pump to the breast. Because typically, a woman’s breasts will be much larger after giving birth and once the milk has started to come in, you may want to consider purchasing this item after the baby is born. Breast size typically increases by a significant amount in postpartum women.

Step #4 Insert the Pump Flange in the Bra

In the fourth step, you will insert the pump’s flange inside the bra and then fasten the flange to the breast. Make sure everything is fitting correctly; having a flange the wrong size might cause uncomfortable nipples and reduce the amount of milk produced. You should speak with a lactation specialist if you have any doubts regarding the size of the flange.

Step #5 Start Pumping

The fifth step is to start the pump. There should be a good seal, and no milk shouldn’t be any milk leaking out. As the procedure begins, you should feel suction, but you should not feel any discomfort.

Step #6 Relax as Let Down Process

To assist your body in the letting down process, try to relax and think loving thoughts about your kid. Make any required adjustments to the vacuum pressure. You’ll be able to monitor the amount of milk being collected by certain pumps, like the Willow, on your smartphone as it happens.

Step #7 Disassemble the Pump and Store the Milk Properly

When you are finished pumping for the day, be sure to disassemble the pump, properly store any milk you have collected, and clean the pump parts so that they are ready for the next time you feed your baby.

End Thoughts

Hands-free pumping may be the multitasking solution you’ve been hoping for if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list and wondering how you’ll find time to pump. There are a variety of hand-free pumps available, and you might even purchase a bra designed to make pumping easier without using your hands. No matter what you choose, it’s critical to maintain a clean pump and get professional assistance if you notice any problems.

Eventually, you’ll be able to pump without using your hands with some practice.


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