Steam pressure washers are precisely what you need for tough cleaning jobs because they get you satisfied with the outcome without having to use too much pressure. Certain cleaning tasks may require more heat than force to get rid of dirt and grime, and this is where steam washers are applicable.

With steam washers, steam is introduced at pretty high temperatures with a lower GPM flow. The hot steam melts and washes away the persistent stains with no excess water since the tool uses less water. There are numerous applications for steam cleaning; however, a few common ones include gum removal, cleaning grease traps, automotive cleanup, and gentle cleansing like cleaning headstones and monuments that require great care and less pressure.

Places like mechanic shops and home garages usually have stubborn grease stains that are hard to clean with both cold and hot water systems. However, a steam cleaning system is very effective in such cases as the machine can be heated up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a level of heat can easily break up even the toughest stains.

Before using a steam pressure washer, make sure you go through the manual carefully to understand the dos and don’ts of the machine. As beneficial as they are in cleaning, they could also be a bit dangerous when not handled properly. Not to divert from the course, here are three major advantages of steam pressure washers that will make you want to get the tool.

3 Top Advantages of Steam Pressure Washers

They are effective

Heat is the primary advantage this machine has over other washers. The heat gets the job done quickly and without much water by blending the dirt and oil well. It also allows chemical detergents to work better on the mixed debris since they are exposed to a higher temperature, resulting in a deeper clean with zero oil residue. With no oil residue, you can easily paint or repaint on such surfaces, which remain cleaner for a more extended period.

They are efficient

Steam pressure washers do not cause splashes or emit excess water more than regular pressure washers. Even hot pressure washers cause splatters of oil residues and release more water since it uses more. Not having water runoffs helps reduce the need to salvage, which professionals usually have to deal with when using the regular pressure washers.

They have low operating costs

Since they use minimal water and the hot water released from the tool evaporates much quicker, there is an approximate 55% less runoff than a regular pressure washer. This means there are lower consumption, waste, and runoffs. Using less water reduces the chances of dealing with runoffs, thereby reducing your operating costs. Professional cleaners find this pretty advantageous, as they try to benefit from lower expenses wherever they can.


Steam pressure washers provide more benefits than standard pressure washers when getting rid of grease and oil. Pressure washing grimy surfaces may leave some residue even if you use the hot water types. However, steam pressure washing completely removes any oil residue, even if the stain has been there for years.


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